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Nicotinamide  (tablets) - Formulary Vitamin B group 09.06.02
Nicotinamide 4% gel  - Formulary Other topical preparations for acne 13.06.01
Nystatin  (oral suspension ) - Formulary Antifungal drugs 05.02
Nicotinic Acid  - Non Formulary Nicotinic acid group 02.12
Nizatidine  - Non Formulary H2-receptor antagonists 01.03.01
Nystatin  - Non Formulary Antifungal preparations 13.10.02
Nystatin  (Tinaderm-M®) - Non Formulary Antifungal preparations 13.10.02
Nystatin pessaries  - Non Formulary Fungal infections 07.02.02